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  An Update from the NHGCSA on COVID-19 (3/26/2020)  
  The effects of the virus outbreak have been far reaching across all aspects of our lives. One of many industries being effected by this outbreak is the Golf Industry. Many of us have already taken measures to help combat this outbreak. As more and more restrictions are being implemented daily I want to update all of you on what the NHGCSA has been doing and what our future plans may be.   
  • This is a very fluid situation and things can change by the hour. 
  • Each individual state is developing their own procedures on how they are dealing with the virus. Some states have banned all golf while others are still allowing it.
  • Currently golf is still allowed in NH following all “social distancing” regulations. Removing course accessories, limiting or restricting carts, no large groups, suspending F&B operations, and extra sanitizing are just a few things you can do to help stop the spread of this virus.
  • The NHGCSA along with our Allied Golf Group partners have been in constant communication since the start of this outbreak. 
  • A letter was drafted and sent by this group to the governor detailing how golf can still be played during these difficult times. Requesting that golf courses can stay open and still be a safe environment was the key to the letter.
  • We are now preparing for a complete shutdown of all golf courses in the state. Many states in the Northeast have already stopped all golfing activities.
  • If this drastic step is taken we have already drafted another letter to the governor. This letter requests that golf maintenance is an “essential operation” and must continue even if courses are closed. 
  I want to thank all our golf partners for coming together during this crisis. Our advocates have been working nonstop behind the scenes for this great industry and will continue to do so. Stay safe and good luck.  
  E.J. Chea  
  President NHGCSA